SEP Software Corporation Releases SEP EasyArchive

BOULDER, Colo., March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SEP Software Corp. announced today a simple and easy-to-use solution to meet nearly every company’s document archival requirements – SEP EasyArchive. With just a few clicks of the mouse, system administrators can now set up an archival policy to meet or exceed government archival regulations.

“Many of our customers have asked for an integrated archival solution. With the release of SEP EasyArchive, we have delivered an arrow to the heart of what has been an administrative nightmare for C-level managers. Simply having data backed up on a disk or tape, does not meet requirements necessary in today’s fast moving and highly regulated IT World,” stated Tim Wagner , President of SEP Software Corp.

Available from Version 4.2.1.x, the new feature allows for policy-based archival. Rapid data growth and limited or reduced IT budgets, along with  continually increasing regulations, make the advent of SEP EasyArchive a pertinent addition and a simple solution for today’s IT manager. It is a powerful, low-cost solution that meets or exceeds all governmental regulations.

SEP sesam’s next-generation, fully integrated archival tool is designed to support the industry’s needs for today and tomorrow. Managed from the same GUI as SEP sesam, you can copy, index and archive data on WORM drives using NTFS technology and, therefore, prevents inadvertent or intentional alteration or deletion from users. Not only does this new and efficient tool provide a flexible way to store and access archived data, but it also provides capabilities for data to be encrypted and deduped when necessary. Data can be stored on disk, tape or even off-loaded to a cloud store if desired.

SEP sesam delivers world-class solutions in every environment and runs natively on almost any Microsoft, Linux or Unix OS, providing backup and disaster recovery solutions for every popular operating system available today.

“Now, C-level managers, System Admins and users can rest assured that not only is their valuable data backed up in the shortest possible time, they will now be able to archive essential data quickly, easily and reliably,” Wagner added.

Implementing SEP sesam with Easy Archive, allows IT departments to consolidate to a single tool to replace multiple, high-cost backup, archiving and disaster recovery solutions. No longer do you need one tool for Microsoft and one for Linux, Unix or for other applications like databases and groupware solutions. SEP sesam provides tools to manage both integrated reporting and analytics. Integrating backup and reporting into a single process using SEP sesam, eliminates complexity and the need to train administrators on a multitude of products.

About SEP Software Corp.

SEP sesam is installed in over 50 countries worldwide and is used by the world’s leading governments, institutions and universities, ranging in size and complexity SEP has been delivering the widest range of backup products for enterprise level customers since 1996. With thousands of installations world-wide, SEP sesam provides backup solutions for all environments, both physical and virtual; delivering the fastest backup, restore and disaster recovery tools on the market today. All marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. SEP sesam and Xen & Now software is used worldwide for backup and recovery of all types of computer environments both virtual and physical.

Phone: +1 (303) 449 – 0100

For Media Inquiries Contact:
SEP Software Corp.
Crissi Gutierrez
(303) 449 – 0100

SOURCE SEP Software Corp.

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