Maximize Open Enterprise Server with backup and restore from SEP

With Novell Open Enterprise Server, you have one of the best enterprise servers available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. Join Novell and SEP for a webinar describing how you can take full advantage of Novell Open Enterprise Server.

Novell will discuss:
• The benefits of Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 and why you should upgrade, if you haven’t yet.
• Innovations coming in future releases

SEP will then explain how to implement easy backup and storage for Open Enterprise Server using SEP sesam. They’ll describe how SEP sesam offers:

• The fastest, most reliable and cost effective solution in data recovery for all Novell environments
• A cluster ready solution designed for Open Enterprise Server
• Easy migrations from Novell NetWare to Open Enterprise Server
• Single file level backup and restore for Novell GroupWise® and NetIQ eDirectory

Your organization’s critical systems run on Novell Open Enterprise Server. Learn how to get your servers the backup and restore they deserve by registering now.

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