Disaster Recovery – Focusing on the Road Ahead


For centuries, humans have been subject to natural disasters and the fear of catastrophic events is becoming more mainstream.  With recent weather changes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires seem to be occurring more and more frequently each year.  One can try to prepare for these disasters by utilizing storm shelters, stocking up on supplies, and if possible, simply driving away, but catastrophic events can occur without warning and it is essential to have the proper precautions in place should a disaster strike.

Preparedness must extend into the business world as well.  Everyone in the technology industry knows there is never a good time for system failure, but they happen all the time.  Servers can get damaged, flooded, and completely destroyed; however, the most common loss of data is much less exciting and simply occurs from hardware failure.  Accord­ing to statistics provided by Google Labs, around 140,000 disk drives fail each week, destroying petabytes of critical, often irreplaceable data.

SEP Software Corp. has the solution to your disaster recovery needs by combining Backup and Disaster Recovery with Business Continuity to provide a full enterprise-wide solution.  By utilizing our flagship product, SEP sesam, disk drive and system failures no longer needs to be a devastating occurrence.  SEP’s Disaster Recovery solution allows users to simply replace a server or disk drive and restore the environment to full operation within minutes.  SEP sesam’s Bare Sys­tem Recovery restores damaged systems to their previous state in the easiest manner and shortest time possible. Combined with hot backups, replication and boot directly from backup capabilities, SEP delivers a speedy and cost-effective solution that is a fully automatic recreation of your systems.

SEP sesam is now installed in over 60 countries around the world backing up critical company and enterprise data, all while providing the fastest possible backup and recovery available in the industry today.  Make sure your business is protected from any and all disasters with SEP.

Read more about our Bare Metal Restore module here:



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