Solution Brief – SEP sesam and Red Hat



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Collaborate Without Compromise

After a decade of close partnership, SEP Software Corp. and Red Hat continue to collaborate to deliver solutions that help customers improve productivity and data accessibility. Based on proven real-world deployments, SEP sesam has complimented the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and combined it with SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology. This combination delivers critical backup and disaster recovery (down to bare metal) solutions. This collaboration has allowed the partnership to jointly develop solutions for varied system topologies and has helped organizations meet or exceed Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Now with Red Hat’s innovative enterprise storage solution, SEP sesam provides an unmatched backup and disaster recovery solution for any environment.

Proven Benefits:

  • Innovation – SEP Software and Red Hat powered innovation revolutionizes data management and improves business continuity.
  • Simplicity – Starting with the initial installation, SEP provides a robust, easy-to-manage solution that makes everything simple and efficient without compromising features or functionality. SEP conveniently provides easy data management, service and support from a single console.
  • Reliability – SEP sesam backup and disaster recovery for Red Hat is an end-to-end solution that provides integrated data management for the Red Hat Storage environment. SEP sesam’s advanced image-level disk backup, combined with its patented Multi-Streaming Technology, allows system administrators to easily manage their Red Hat storage servers at a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions.
  • Seamless Cloud Solution – Whether private, public, or hybrid cloud,SEP sesam combined with Red Hat Storage allows users to back up, replicate, and recover data at any time from any place.

One Backup Solution for Any Environment

With expertise in network-wide and cross-platform data availability, SEP has developed industry-leading, Linux platform-driven technology for data management and has designed the fastest and most reliable data backup solution available today. SEP sesam is ideal for businesses of all sizes and has proven its value for thousands of organizations around the globe. Businesses and institutions spanning six continents rely on SEP sesam to attain their data protection strategies. SEP sesam’s design flexibility allows the user to customize a unique backup solution to match their environment.

Backup Without Limitations

  • Platform Independent – Supported O/S platforms include Windows, all popular Linux and UNIX derivatives, Solaris, HP/UX, Tr64, BSD (also Open VMS), and now MAC OS X.
  • Incredibly Fast Backup Speed – Drastically reduce backup windows with SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology, allowing a simultaneous backup of unlimited files or servers.
  • Virtualization – Agentless solution backs up and restores virtual machines running VMware, Citrix XenServer, and Hyper-V. Online image-level backups with single-file restore options are also available.
  • Database & Email Backups – Perform hot backups of critical databases and e-mail platforms including SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, mySQL, SharePoint, PostgreSQL, DB2, Exchange, GoupWise, Lotus Notes and more.
  • Archiving – SEP Easy Archive uses WORM (Write Once Read Many) Technology to prevent unintentional loss or deletion of data as well as unauthorized edits.
  • Deduplication – Reduces the need for more expensive storage and decreases backup windows.
  • Replication – Assures that your data will be available where and when you need it.
  • Migration – Easily migrate data files from a RHEL 4/5.x snapshot to a newer RHEL 6.x system. Users are also able to recover to a known good state if issues occur during an update to RHEL 4.x or a RHEL 5.x upgrade to RHEL 6.x.
  • Bare Metal Restore – Restore to like or unlike hardware.

Red Hat Storage Server

Deploying scalable, flexible enterprise storage shouldn’t lock you into high-cost proprietary solutions. Red Hat Storage Server helps your enterprise manage the explosion of big, semi-structured, and unstructured data growth while maintaining the storage performance, capacity, and availability you need to meet your most demanding enterprise storage requirements.

Lower Costs

Red Hat’s open software solution for scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) lets you manage exponential data growth at a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions.

Easily Access Information

Whether deployed on-premise, or in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, Red Hat Storage makes it easier to access information and brings the power of community-driven innovation to your enterprise.

Storage Problems Solved

Red Hat Storage Server solves enterprise storage requirements, including:

  • Enterprise-wide file sharing with a single access point across data storage locations.
  • Nearline storage for infrequently accessed data that needs to be online.
  • Rich media (audio and video) content distribution with petabyte-scale storage and high-read performance requirements.
  • High-performance storage for bandwidth-intensive applications like weather prediction and oil and gas exploration.
  • Centralized Storage-as-a-Service to enterprise applications.
  • Backup target and archive for onsite or offsite data protection.

Next Steps

Contact your SEP Software and Red Hat representatives today and arrange for an assessment of your IT environment. Discover the benefits of migrating to Red Hat, protected and secured by SEP sesam.

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