SEP Software Corp. – Overview Brochure


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About SEP sesam

SEP sesam is an enterprise backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution for today’s discerning computer
environments. Supporting the widest range of operating systems and databases, SEP sesam offers a single solution to manage heterogeneous environments of any size.

SEP sesam is the perfect solution for IT professionals tasked with managing enterprise-wide backup and recovery processes. Its ease of use allows for complete control of all data in the most complex of IT environments. SEP sesam‘s small footprint lends itself to an incredibly simple installation and can be integrated into any system in a matter of hours.

Bare metal recovery capabilities allow users to simply restore a computer environment to full operation within
minutes. When using this module for Windows, all operating system and application licenses are automatically restored, eliminating the task of acquiring new ones. Utilizing SEP sesam, organizations can easily automate all backup tasks with a few mouse clicks.

SEP sesam ensures that data security for both physical and virtual environments can be easily and cost-effectively achieved.

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