SEP Case Study – Fairview School District

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Fairview School District’s IT Department needed to find a new backup solution that would support their NSS file systems while they migrated from NetWare to OES 11. Their current solution at that time, Backup Exec, did not support OES 11, thus beginning a search for a single backup solution that would support their entire environment.


The District’s infrastructure is made of up a mix of physical and virtual servers. One HP VL 7 runs four virtual Linux servers at remote locations across the campus. A second HP physical server runs their GroupWise mail system. Additionally, they have a few Windows servers; an Intel server; two Dell servers that handle their virtual appliances and system controls for the campus; and one Lenovo server to support. The District currently backs up NSS volumes, GroupWise, MS SQL, Windows, Linux, virtual and physical servers utilizing a disk-to-disk-to-tape methodology with daily incrementals and full 3 TB backups on weekends.


The search for a new backup solution did not take long. “SEP sesam was one of the only, if not the only, solution that supported NSS file systems for OES 11. All of the reviews were positive and everyone just kept saying that, with SEP, the solution just works,” recalled Scot Layman, Computer Technician and Webmaster for the District. The District’s transition to SEP sesam was quick and effortless. “We were essentially starting over from scratch since the Backup Exec system was aging and we had dropped maintenance on it. However, the transition to SEP sesam was smooth. I think we only needed to call support maybe one time, but from my perspective, it was a pretty seamless transition,” said Brian Junker, the District’s Director of Technology.


Since installing SEP sesam in early 2013, the District is able to back up more data, in short windows, with no concern as to whether their continuously expanding environment will be supported. “SEP sesam properly utilizes our autoloader and we have a more thorough and improved backup system that is much more automated than Backup Exec. All of the time spent managing [SEP sesam] is only due to the software’s increased functionality and the fact that it works so well!” said Junker. “We have also grown quite a bit since our first implementation of Backup Exec. We have so much more data now and yet our backup windows with SEP sesam are very fast. Depending on how much data has changed throughout the course of each day, our incremental backups complete in 20 to 30 minutes and our full backups, performed over the weekend, always complete successfully. We never have a problem,” explained Layman. “Our overall experience with SEP has been excellent. I like that the SEP sesam GUI is easy to use and I would definitely recommend SEP sesam to anyone seeking a backup solution,” said Junker.


Located on the shores of Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania, an 85-acre campus houses the entire District’s facilities: a new, state-of-the-art elementary school (K-4), a renovated middle school (5-8), a two-story, climate-controlled high school (9-12) and a centrally located administration building. There are 110 professional full-time teachers and 89 support staff members that include: secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians, maintenance workers and bus drivers. Current enrollment is around 1,600 students. For more information, visit


SEP Software Corp. is the premier technology leader providing standardized and high performance backup and disaster recovery solutions for professional IT environments of all sizes. Its flagship product, SEP sesam, delivers seamless solutions to corporations’ backup requirements. SEP sesam ensures that data security for both virtual and physical environments can be easily and cost-effectively achieved. SEP sesam is the ultimate expression of German engineering and attention to detail. Design and programming originate from our German offices in Weyarn, near Munich, where overall performance and reliability are our utmost concern.

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