SEP Case Study: Knott Brakes

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Knott Brakes was migrating to a Novell/SUSE O/S platform and Scalix in a predominantly Microsoft environment and was in need of a new backup solution that would support their new operating systems and email solution.


Knott Brakes was having difficulty maintaining Groupware solutions while utilizing multiple operating systems, including Microsoft, MAC O/S, UNIX, Free BSD and Solaris. Maintenance costs were soaring, backup times were increasing and tempers were at a breaking point.

Increasing corporate demand for resources, competitive forces and increased overhead for system maintenance put a strain on their IT budget. The previous software solution was too slow and overly cumbersome for Knott’s fast-paced environment. They decided to make a change and migrate to SEP sesam due to its impeccable support of Knott’s Scalix and Linux environments. By equipping their environment with SEP sesam, they were able to create a world class solution customized to their data security needs. “We were looking to reduce costs and increase performance. We unexpectedly found everything we needed in one solution with SEP sesam’s support of Linux and Scalix,” reported Torten Kynast, Knott‘s IT Director.


Knott Brakes installed Novell/SUSE Linux to replace the slower OS, and Scalix to standardize the Groupware messaging problem. SEP sesam was then implemented to simplify and shorten the backup process and give better control and visibility to the System Administration staff for data security and recovery.

Because SEP sesam is the only backup software that offers extensive Scalix support and allows users to utilize their feature-rich messaging platform, Knott Brakes decided to switch to SEP sesam to perform online backup and restore for their new Scalix email environment.

“Scalix was the only email and calendar platform to integrate Linux software easily in a Microsoft environment,” according to Kynast. “The SEP sesam solution, along with Novell Linux and Scalix, has greatly improved Knott’s system reliability, data integration capabilities and user satisfaction.”


“After much deliberation and testing, we decided to move forward with the SEP sesam solution and we are very pleased we did. We originally budgeted one week for the migration and we were incredibly surprised that the entire effort only took one day. A standard Linux implementation solves installation and maintenance issues. The Scalix solution gives us the ability to move forward with much greater functionality and reliability than we had ever experienced using our previous Groupware solutions. SEP sesam’s ability to perform selective, single-mail and single-mailbox restores has reduced our overhead immensely.”

“The close relationship that Scalix and SEP currently have has proven to be extremely beneficial to us. Previous product comparison reviews led us to SEP sesam a year ago, but the seamless and effortless way Scalix and SEP sesam work together won over my staff. The time saved on the switchover alone has covered the acquisition price of Scalix in just one week!” said Kynast.

“The SEP sesam solution has further simplified and secured our data structure and backup strategy. The requirements that we placed on SEP were not trivial. We expected them to deliver a more efficient method to ensure our data security. They provided us with a solution second to none,” said Kynast. “We demanded that they provide us with a backup window between the close of one business day and the reopening of business the following day,” he added, “and SEP sesam delivered.”

“Remarkably, they [SEP] reduced our total backup time from over 8 hours to less than three hours. Using SEP’s Multi-Streaming Technology, we can back up multiple computers and multiple operating systems simultaneously. The overhead and cost savings are just now beginning to become evident,” reported Kynast.

“Even more amazing, we have been able to avoid costly system restarts that were required with our past Groupware solution. The periodic shutdowns and restarts of the main servers have not been necessary since our new solution went into place. Furthermore, the scheduled restore and recovery services offered with the standard SEP sesam package provide a much greater level of assurance that our data is properly and securely backed up than we had ever experienced before. Our system technicians can automatically restore and test the validity of backed up data, without ever impacting our production operations,” said Kynast.

“I can honestly say that after significant due diligence on our part, there is no better solution in the Exchange or Groupware world than SEP sesam,” concluded Kynast.


For more than 60 years, Knott Brakes has manufactured components for axles, trailers, brakes, chassis, building machinery, fork lifts and special vehicles for every major machinery manufacturer in the world. With more than 1,400 employees at numerous locations worldwide, including the USA and Canada, Knott conducts over $200 Million in sales per year.


SEP Software Corp. offers a single backup and disaster recovery solution for heterogeneous environments of any size. SEP’s flagship solution, SEP sesam, uses its patented Multi-Streaming technology to facilitate unlimited simultaneous data streams to provide some of the highest performance in the backup market. SEP is cross-platform, multi-OS, and supports every popular database and Groupware solution available. Exceptional remote management capabilities allow users to easily and efficiently manage thousands of locations around the globe from one central location. SEP specializes in replacing multiple backup software products with one standardized solution for the entire enterprise.

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