Challenges in Backup: Speed

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In today’s IT world, data is growing at an exponential rate.  With companies having to back up more and more mission-critical files, business continuity and backup windows can be easily compromised. We have seen many customers deal with incredibly lengthy backup windows, even with top of the line NIC cards.  With the right infrastructure in place, shouldn’t all backup streams run at theoretical maximum speeds?

SEP’s flagship backup and disaster recovery solution, SEP sesam, does just that. Due to its modular design and Multi- Streaming Technology, SEP sesam is only limited by the bandwidth and hardware provided by the customer.  This backup solution can perform at theoretical maximum speeds, shrinking existing backup windows from anywhere between 50-95%.

SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology facilitates unlimited simultaneous data streams, resulting in some of the fastest backup performance on the market today.  With this technology, it is no question that SEP can substantially reduce backup windows enterprise-wide.

Why is speed so important? In a day and age of multiple terabyte data stores, daily backups become more and more difficult. The more you’re able to increase the speed of your backups, the better able you will be to meet available backup windows. SEP sesam is all about raw performance and provides both time and cost savings to the entire enterprise.

Want to harness the speed of SEP sesam and improve your company’s backup widows? SEP engineers can host a demo in your own environment to show you exactly how the system will work with your infrastructure. For a 30 day trial, which includes full support, visit or email

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