Customer Testimonial: HCFA Lawyers

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It’s always nice to hear from our customers! Ric Curp, System Administrator for HCFA Lawyers, reached out to us to thank us for our quick backup and disaster recovery solution, SEP sesam.

“Our firm recently got hit by crypto-locker.  I was prepared for it because I’ve been very paranoid about it and so took every precaution I could think of which includes three levels of backups (direct backup, snapshot and replication).  I’m very happy to say that I only needed my first level direct backup; SEP sesam.  After I took inventory of what was encrypted on our network, I just deleted those folders and restored from Sesam.  I think it took longer to delete the folders then it took to restore them.  SEP sesam was lighting fast and made what I projected as an all-nighter project, instead finished up by 10:00pm.  

Of course just bringing up the latest snapshot would have been much faster, but those run after hours and crypto-locker hit after mid day.  Because I was able to find the infected computer and stop the encryption process, it only encrypted about 10 percent of our data.  So if we used the snapshot we would have lost most if not all work done that day.”

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