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“We no longer have any compatibility problems thanks to SEP’s flexibility. Our company can grow and we know we will always have a reliable backup solution in place with SEP sesam.” – Daniel Epprecht, Head of IT Services at­ SH POWER.


Europe’s largest waterfall, Rhine Falls, located where the Rhine River exits Lake Constance, pours 160,000 gallons of water per second down a 100 foot drop. Near the top of the waterfall sits SH POWER, the Swiss energy provider who relies on SEP sesam to back up their company data as powerfully and effectively as the waterfall produces its energy.

“For us, the backup of company data has always been our top priority,” said Daniel Epprecht, Head of IT Services at­ SH POWER. The IT infrastructure works with diverse data sources that must be consistently secured. The energy provider’s success in a highly competitive industry relies on secure and consistent access to energy data, customer data, user energy consumption rates from the constant incoming flow of data from energy meters, quality assurance information, mark­eting analysis, sales statistics and ongoing evaluations from their finance and accounting departments.

SH POWER must be able to provide predictions of daily energy consumption in order to continuously inform their supply partners to ensure smooth energy deliveries. Their partners need to know when and how much energy SH POWER will deliver to their customers.  Failing to meet forecast deadlines can result in harsh penalties or even license revocation in the event of a major energy fallout. Their historical data can be critical to daily operations and must be secured as well. If technical data is not made permanently available, current and future business processes can be hindered.


Today, SH POWER utilizes technologically advanced systems for the operation of their business, but this was not always the case. “Our staff was previously relying on paper-based manual systems for daily operations,” said Epprecht. With the company’s new infrastructure and development, came new requirements for a backup software solution. SH POWER’s previous backup software, which they had been using for 10 years, was outdated and lacked necessary features to protect mission-critical data.

SH POWER’s environment consists of many different operating systems, databases and applications. SH POWER uses GWAVA Reload to secure its important GroupWise data. “This disk-based D/R mirror system offers us 100% availability for our GroupWise applications,” said Epprecht. The long-term backups of GroupWise, as well as all other major backup and recovery tasks within the Company, are now stored at SH POWER, using SEP sesam to back up to both to disk and tape.


SEP sesam was able to win over SH POWER with its ease of use and backup and recovery capabilities for their complex heterogeneous environment. “The critical attribute for us was that SEP sesam offers a complete, convenient solution for our entire enterprise. eDirectory is the heart of our IT, so that was a very important requirement as well,” recalled Epprecht. “Thanks to its logical and clear structure, SEP sesam’s agent-based model is very easy to use. New servers can be installed in record time.”

“If there is ever a problem, we can be sure that SEP will solve it quickly. ‘Impossible’ means nothing to SEP. When we had an unusual issue with the migration of tapes, the SEP team came up with a creative solution to solve it. Whenever I need help, there is always an extremely competent support staff available. SEP holds many online webinars that are very helpful and also provides excellent administrator trainings. Furthermore, even after a training was over, I was able to contact the SEP staff to answer the remaining questions I had,” Epprecht reported.


Daniel Epprecht and the rest of his team at SH POWER gets 24 hours of highly-qualified support from SEP’s Swiss Partner, Nexpert, each day, including weekends. The distributor has the highest certification for SEP sesam solutions and also supports a large part of SH POWER’s IT department. Nexpert set up the entire SEP sesam backup system within three days, everything from the physical assembly and installation of hardware components to the configuration of the new software. The migration from the old backup system to SEP sesam continued for a two month period in order to ensure the security of all data. “We were very pleased with the upgrade. It was absolutely the right decision to handle the project jointly with SEP and Nexpert,” said Epprecht.

SEP sesam was particularly appealing for SH POWER because of its low operating costs. “Even though we were still bound by other contracts, SEP offered us more than a fair deal to switch from our then current provider,” Epprecht explained.

Epprecht relies on the expert assistance provided by SEP when he needs them – something he didn’t receive from his previous vendor. “The people at SEP are always very professional and they work closely with their customers. I can reach someone anytime without landing in a call center somewhere in the world. We no longer have any compatibility problems thanks to SEP’s flexibility. Our company can grow and we know we will always have a reliable backup solution in place with SEP sesam.”


SH POWER began in 1860 and currently employs over 160 staff members. SH POWER has a long tradition of providing energy to consumers in many cities, municipalities and in countless households throughout the region. SH POWER powers electric public transportation and electrical grids for thousands of people.

Throughout its history, SH POWER has been able to adapt to new technological developments and requirements. The Company has become particularly concerned with environmental responsibility as an energy provider. For example, SH POWER’s roofs are lined with solar energy systems and they not only store energy from the Rhine River, but are able to put a significant amount of investment back into the River in order to ensure that it is ecologically maintained. They are currently in the process of a re-naturalization project to improve and return the riverbanks to their natural state.

About SEP Software Corp.

SEP Software Corp. offers a single backup and disaster recovery solution for heterogeneous environments of any size. SEP’s flagship solution, SEP sesam, uses its patented Multi-Streaming technology to facilitate unlimited simultaneous data streams to provide some of the highest performance in the backup market. SEP is cross-platform, multi-OS, and supports every popular database and Groupware solution available. Exceptional remote management capabilities allow users to easily and efficiently manage thousands of locations around the globe from one central location. SEP specializes in replacing multiple backup software products with one standardized solution for the entire enterprise. For more information, visit or email


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