50% off SEP Deduplication & Replication!


Save 50% on all SEP Si3 Deduplication and Si3 Replication software and streamline your backup environment!

  • Maximize limited disk space
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Si3 operates on any disk based hardware
  • Combine with SEP Replication for offsite DR and warm standbys
  • Eliminate the need for expensive hardware-based deduplication appliances
  • Si3 consolidates data rapidly and efficiently
  • Decrease power consumption in data centers

Si3 Deduplication is a scalable, high-performance, inline, global dedupe solution that optimizes disc capacity and provides data access for both deduplicated and non-deduplicated DataStores. It delivers extremely fast restores due to the deduplication repository’s direct block-level access with zero file system overhead, eliminating any performance degradation during read operations. By using variable block sizes, users can compress more data into smaller footprints and maximize limited disk space.

When combined with SEP Replication technology, users can maximize their existing infrastructure by creating off-site warm standbys and/or replicating data from any node to any other node. Since SEP is completely hardware agnostic, users can replicate to dissimilar hardware among as many nodes as desired. Data can replicate locally, to remote locations or to the Cloud.

Call us at (303)449-0100 to learn more or to upgrade your existing environment with SEP!



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