SEP Instructional Video Series: Back up VMware in an instant

SEP for VMware ESX/ESXi offers functionality unsurpassed by the competition via direct communication and expanded capabilities within the VMware API. The SEP GUI also enables system administrators to customize their backup solution to meet the specific needs of the business. Agentless technology automatically displays the VMware hosts/guests in the GUI, simplifying planning, management, and execution of the automated backup processes. SEP for VMware includes Change Block Tracking (CBT), so users can schedule incremental backups of the VM snapshot images on an ongoing basis. If backups are saved on a NFS share, users can spin up VM’s directly from the copy of the backup, thus, completely eliminating downtime because no restore is required.
  • Agentless Technology
  • Restart VM’s directly from backup, completely eliminating any restore or down time
  • Change Block Tracking (CBT) allows for full or incremental backups
  • Full integration in the SEP GUI
  • Restore to other hosts or HA clusters
  • Disaster recovery synchronizes VM’s to another cluster or pool at an offsite location
  • SAN-ready backup strategy
  • Convert between Virtual and Physical servers [V2P and P2V]
  • Take snapshots of any VM with any O/S supported by VMware tools
  • Full support of ESX backups through a VCB proxy, VADP, or hypervisor
  • Single-file restore for VSS on Windows, Linux and Unix guests
  • Support includes:
    • vSphere 6.0
    • vSphere 5.5
    • vSphere 5.1
    • vSphere 5.0
    • ESX 4.X (vSphere)
    • ESXi 4.X (vSphere)
    • ESX 3.5
    • ESXi 3.5


Check out our YouTube page for more videos!



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