SEP Instructional Video: Bare Metal Recovery for Windows

By utilizing SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery, users can restore entire servers, operating systems, and databases quickly and easily using a universal boot medium. This recovery method can be achieved within minutes, regardless of the type of hardware in use.

SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery module is fully integrated into the SEP interface to ensure a fast and complete system recovery. The data flow for the entire enterprise can be controlled from a single management console.

The SEP Bare Metal Recovery module guarantees a fast and secure recovery of all company data. SEP ensures that in the event of a disaster, all data and information can be recovered to completely recreate the original environment.

System administrators managing company infrastructures know that server storage devices frequently fail. According to Google System Labs, approximately 140,000 hard drives abruptly fail every week, destroying petabytes of data. With SEP Bare Metal Recovery, disk and system failures are no longer a devastating occurrence.

SEP’s Bare Metal Recovery module provides snapshot backups and can be restored to any media. The data repository can be selected using a disk-to-disk or disk-to-disk-to-tape strategy.

After a system disaster or drive failure, the media is inserted into the new server. The computer is then connected to the network to establish a connection with the SEP backup server. Next, the desired saveset is selected and the  automated recovery begins.


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