New & Improved Backup & Disaster Recovery for Red Hat Virtualization

Blog - Featured ImageSEP for Red Hat Virtualization

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Virtualized Environments

SEP offers a fully integrated solution for Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) with native backup API support and advanced snapshot backups. SEP’s solution for RHV enables greater data protection and gives fast and intuitive restore capabilities for VM’s virtualized on Red Hat without the need to install backup clients on each virtual machine. Special disaster recovery procedures are no longer required. RTOs and RPOs can easily be fulfilled. A key advantage of the data protection platform is the optional command line interface that enables highly customized administration of the backup and restore processes in an enterprise environment.

Key Features

  • Agentless technology
  • Uninterrupted snapshot backup
  • Native API backups
  • Built-in encryption capabilities
  • VMs are backed up via direct communication between SEP & the RHV hypervisor
  • Single enterprise management interface
  • Image level backups of any VM
  • Cold Backups, Agent Based Backups & API Based Hot Backups are all supported
  • Granularity – SEP supports RHV single server and RHV cluster backups with the API. SEP can back up everything from the VM configuration, the individual disk of a single VM, to all virtual machines on a RHV cluster.
  • Single RHV VM relocation restore support – restore VM to any RHV location, server or cluster, in the environment.
  • Perform a simple path restore of a selected RHV VM configuration directly to a directory on any system, rather than restoring and importing a VM to the RHV environment.
  • Command line interface option that enables highly customized administration of the backup & restore processes in an enterprise environment.
  • RHV users can utilize SEP’s deduplication & replication technologies to efficiently & cost effectively manage backups to significantly reduce required disk storage.

SEP Software has partnered with Red Hat for over a decade and continues to collaborate to deliver solutions that help customers improve productivity and data accessibility. Based on proven real-world deployments, SEP has complimented the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and combined it with SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology. This combination delivers critical backup and disaster recovery (down to bare metal) solutions.

This collaboration has allowed the partnership to jointly develop solutions for varied system topologies and has helped organizations meet or exceed Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). Now with Red Hat’s innovative virtualization technology, SEP provides an unmatched backup and disaster recovery solution for any Red Hat environment.

Read our RHV Whitepaper for more information!

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