Got Ransomware?

Make sure your data is where you need it,
when you need it!

Ransomware is nothing new but it is becoming more popular. There are a few important questions you need to ask yourself in order to be prepared.

  1. Do you have a Recovery Time Objective plan? How long would it take to restore all of your data? Could you be back up-and-running within a few hours if you had to restore everything?
  2. Do you have a Recovery Point Objective plan? When was your last backup completed? How much data would you lose if an attack occurred X hours in between backups?
  3. Are you certain that you would get all of your data back exactly how you need it?
  4. Would you and/or your employer be able and willing to pay a ransom demand?

If you are not confident in your answers to every one of these critical questions, call SEP Software. Make a plan and secure your data now!

The EU’s law enforcement agency, Europol, reported 200,000 victims in over 150 countries from the May, 2017 ransomware attack. The total amount paid by victims to regain access to their data was $100,000 within the first day of the attack. Matthew Anthony, vice president of incident response at the security firm Herjavec Group stated, “Most of the organizations won’t pay. They will have to rebuild and recover from their backups or other sources. In part, that’s simply because of the logistical complications involved in paying ransom to unlock thousands of computers within the short time frame demanded by the hackers behind the attack.”

Call SEP for more information or to schedule a demo
(303) 449-0100

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