SEP is Re-Certified Citrix Ready for it’s XenServer Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

SEP is Citrix Ready for XenServer

SEP’s Citrix Ready Certified solution for XenServer offers superior Backup and Disaster Recovery functionality for Citrix VMs.

  • Management Interface Integrated for easy planning – all Citrix VMs are automatically displayed in the SEP GUI
  • Agentless Technology – direct communication between SEP and the Citrix API to back up snapshot images of the VMs without the need for agents
  • Drag and Drop! Users simply enter their XenCenter username and password, a list of all Citrix hosts and VMs auto-populates and the user can drag and drop VMs into any backup group schedule.
  • Activation Loss Prevention by keeping the same MAC Address and UID. Users don’t have to re-enter Windows Key Codes or re-activate third party software!

Key Features

  • Linux server snapshots
  • Windows VSS server snapshots
  • Encryption
  • Deduplication and Replication
  • Can see all guests with authentication to the XenServer pool
  • Keep a disaster recovery site in sync for a hot or cold availability solution
  • Disaster recovery to synchronize VM to another pool or offsite location
  • Restore to other XenServer hosts or pools
  • Back up metadata & host-specific information
  • Convert between Virtual and Physical Servers (V2P and P2V)
  • Backup methods:
    • Offline Backup
    • Online Live Memory Backup
    • Online Quiesced Backup
    • Online Normal Backup
  • Back up & restore servers from a Bare Metal State


Backup of XenDesktop Key Components:

  • Desktop delivery controller
  • User-specific profiles
  • Provisioning server
  • Master image
  • Metadata
  • Templates
  • SQL database

Backup of XenApp Key Components

  • XenApp Server
  • User-specific profiles
  • License server
  • Citrix secure gateway
  • Active directory
  • Granular file and file share rights
  • Server farm information
  • System-specific information (included in system state)


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