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Backup & Disaster Recovery - Blue

SEP Software Corp, a leader in network-wide, cross-platform data Backup, Restore and Disaster Recover Software, helps users in over 50 countries worldwide reinvent more efficient and comprehensive data management systems.

SEP GmbH was founded in 1980 by Georg Moosreiner, a visionary Electrical and Communications Engineer, and later by Professor Franz Demmelmeier, D. Eng. SEP developed a tool to gather important data during the manufacturing and business processes and provide a mechanism to restore and analyze data, SEP sesam. SEP sesam is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, backup software solutions available in the marketplace today. SEP GmbH was eventually dissolved and SEP AG (e.g. Corporation) was established to solidify a foundation for future growth. In 2004, Timothy Wagner, who has been in the software industry for over thirty years, introduced SEP sesam to the US market by forming SEP Software Corp.

Today, SEP Software Corp has users spread across 50 countries worldwide. Above all of the competition, SEP sesam supports the widest range of operating systems from Microsoft to Unix to every version of Linux. SEP sesam has online modules for MS Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Open Xchange, Scalix and Zarafa; as well as databases from IBM’s DB2, Informix, MS SQL, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Ingres, all supported with online backup capability. SEP delivered VMware backup capability a year and half prior to their competitors’ release of virtual solutions. SEP offers the most comprehensive and efficient Backup, Restore and Disaster Recover Software for every computing environment.

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